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Nail Gun Nails


If you’re planning on renovating a house or building a structure, then you’ll need yourself a whole lot of nails, and not just any nails, but nail gun nails or framing nails.


Nail gun nails, as the name suggests, are the type of nails that you use in nail guns when you’re framing your house.


These nails are very important, as they help keep your structure together and keep it standing strong, rather than collapsing! 


Nail gun nails, like other nails, can be nailed in using a simple hammer. But when you have to use framing nails all over the house or on a big structure, why not buy yourself a nail gun and make the job a lot easier?


There are different kinds of nail guns that you can load your nail gun nails in.  

  • There are battery operated nail guns which are made for outdoor framing.
  • There are also gas nail guns which are also portable. It uses a spark to set the gas on fire and create the energy to nail the nail gun nail into place.
  • Another type of nail gun is the electric nail gun. These are more for experience framers since they use a lot of power and hard to handle.
  • The most common kind of framing gun is the air gun. These make use of air compressors to drive the nail in.

  nail gun nails framing nails  nail gun  nailgun nails

There are different sizes of framing gun nails available. They range from very small nails to very big ones. The kinds that are used in finishing, which are not meant to be seen, are usually small and are sizes 4d to 10d.


The sizes 12d and 16d are used in framing and are stronger. There are also roofing nails which are made especially for roofing to help both amateurs and experts roof their houses with ease. 


Framing gun nails are finished with different substances.  

  • Some are coated in molten Zinc; they are called Hot-Dipped nails.  
  • The next type is the Electrogalvanized nails. These are also coated in zinc, but they are not as strong.  
  • The weakest type is the blued nails, which are meant for inside use only.  
  • The best types of nails for framing guns are the ones which are coated with cement and the size 16d since the cement protects them from becoming eroded or rusted.


  framing gun nails  nails for nail gun  framing gun  nail gun nails



   nails for nail guns  nail guns  framing nails  framing gun nails


There are different materials that nail gun nails are made out of.  

  • First is aluminum. This is a weak type of nail and is usually used for small things like aluminum sheeting.  
  • There is copper, which is stronger and used in marine and roofing functions.  
  • The most common types of nails for nail guns are made from steel, which don’t rust as easily as other materials.  

When you buy nail gun nails for any building project, make sure that they are the right size for the job. Also, it is important that they are compatible with your framing gun and will seamlessly fit into your nail gun. You don’t want a pack of unused nails lying around, do you? If you’re not sure what size to get, you can consult your nail gun’s owner’s manual, or hardware store personnel.


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